a delicious travel memory

with freshly cooked meals, DoNA makes you wish you


With freshly cooked meals, DoNA makes you wish your journey lasts forever. DoNA brings a new food concept on the railways. Our food focusses on international dishes with a local touch. DoNA uses fresh products to newly interpret the local cuisine. With fine-tuned presentations, DoNA makes every journey an unforgettable memory for your guests. Just talk to us. We will fnd the most delicious solution for your needs. Delicious food experience service at your seat.



Snack boxes are among the edibles provided by DoNA Catering. Snacks are included in breakfasts or evening meals, like natural cold/warm drinks, cakes, muffns, desserts and various salads and nuts along with cutlery sets prepared in DoNA kitchen. DoNA has a separate section for preparing and packaging snack boxes in unlimited numbers. Snack boxed could also be served in conferences, seminars and various events. Diversity is the most prominent characteristic of DoNA snack boxes.


Shaken or stirred? The main thing is that the cocktails are mixed with emotion, expertise and taste. Wherever your event will take place and how big or small your location will be: With DoNA you receive a fully equipped bar. Your guests can select from dozens of cocktails from all genres. For those who prefer pure enjoyment. We offer various traditional herbal drinks.



In Dona catering, We prepare kinds of Persian and Austrian desserts and sweets. Viennese cuisine is famous and much loved for its variety of sweets. Whether hot or cold, as a starter or dessert. Over the centuries, Austrian desserts have migrated outside the country’s borders, becoming incredibly popular sweets in nations such as Persia. Viennese pastry among the best in the world. Our confectionery is our vintage point.



Punctual preparation and time management in providing and delivering meals to airlines and trains with scheduled departs is one of the most important aspects of DoNA Catering. All orders are transported and delivered in special boxes. Shipment equipment with warming machines and fridges are the most important part of DoNA in high quality delivery of orders. Not only the meals are controlled to meet the best quality, but also they are delivered in time and DoNA is highly committed to satisfy every aspect of costumers’ expectations.